• Mechanism of tmRNA Action

    Mechanism of tmRNA action
    Figure by C. Zwieb

Standard tmRNAs

    • Escherichia coli

    Escherichia coli Standard tmRNA

      • Synechoccus elongatus

      Synechoccus elongatus Standard tmRNA

    • Clostridium botulinum (after intron removed)
    Clostridium Botulinum Standard tmRNA

Two-Piece tmRNAs (from permuted genes)

    • Prochlorococcus marinus

    Prochlorococcus marinus two-piece tmRNAs

      • Caulobacter crescentus

      Caulobacter crescentus two-piece tmRNAs

    • Agrobacterium fabrum
    Agrobacterium fabrum two-piece tmRNA
    • Rickettsia prowazekii

    Rickettsia prowazekii two-piece tmRNA

      • Reclinomonas mitochondrion (no tag reading frame)

      Reclinomonas mitochondrion two-piece tmRNA

  • Group I Intron of C. botulinum

    Group I Intro of C. botulinum
  • SmpB structure

    SmpB Structure
    NMR structure for Aquifex from Dong et al (2002) EMBO J 21.7.1845
  • SspB in complex with AANDENYALAA tag peptide

    SspB in comlex with AADENYALAA tag peptidfe
    Crystal structure of E. coli SspB (ribbon) in complex with AANDENYALAA tag peptide (stick, only the AANDENYA portion was modeled) from Song and Eck (2003) Mol. Cell 12:75. Only the top part of the second unit of the dimer is shown. SspB has a fold found in the Sm-family of RNA binding proteins, although any RNA-binding properties have not been characterized.